We would love to give your dog a bath or haircut. Say goodbye to that aching back and the messy clean up! Drop your dog off at Camp Canine for a bath or haircut! Our service includes an outer ear cleaning and nail trim.

Want a way to make your dog's experience more enjoyable for him or her...? Combine it with a full day of fun and play by enrolling them in daycare on the same day! This is a great way to help reduce the stress and anxiety that grooming can cause.

If you board your dog at Camp Canine for 7 nights or more, a free bath* is available for your dog. You must request this service when you drop off your dog for boarding.
(*Free bath does not include nails or ears - both available for an extra charge)

Grooming available Monday - Friday. Call for appointment & pricing

Paperwork Requirements

Prior to your first visit to Camp Canine, the Pet Profile should be completed. You can download this document and fill it out now to save time when you arrive with your dog.

Written proof of the Rabies vaccines is also required.


Click here for Policies.

Bathing Pricing / Additional Services (TAX INCLUDED) (we do add an additioanl fee for the dogs coat)

Bath Package
Your dog's bath starts with a brief relaxing rub down, ear cleaning and toenail trimming. Then they are bathed with a gentle shampoo in warm water and finally, hand brushed and dried. Once dried, a spray of fresh smelling cologne will be applied. Your dog’s bath includes a complementary bandana!

Extra Large
Additional Services a la carte
Oatmeal Shampoo
Medicated Shampoo
Dremmel Nails

Flea Treatment
Walk in nails only
Daycare / Lodging stay nails only

Deshedding treatment large
Deshedding treatment small/medium








Groomer Bio

Allison has been professionally grooming dogs since her graduation from the Connecticut School of Dog Grooming in N Haven, CT in 2004. She has an endless love for animals and understands that people's pets are part of their family, just like their children. She spends time with the dogs in the daycare program which allows her to develop a special bond with many of her customers and to gain a new perspective on a dog's behaviors.


Breed: Lab mix
Proud Owner: Robin Chiasson


Breed: Lab mix
Proud Owner: Robin Chiasson