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**If you are looking for a reservation within the next 72 hours, you must call us.

We encourage you to bring any bedding, safe toys or special treats you would like your dog to enjoy in their own private space during their stay.  We also like you to bring your own food for the stay, so there is less of a chance of an upset stomach due to a change in their diet.   Please DO NOT bring bowls for your dog unless they have special feeding instructions (slow eat or elevated stands).  We have several different lodging programs.  We offer lodging with a full daycare program, lodging with a partial daycare program and lodging without a daycare program.  The partial and non daycare programs can have extra services added (i.e. treadmill sessions, walks, play or cuddle sessions).   If you like us on Facebook you will be able to see videos/photos of the dogs that stay with us that participate in the daycare program while you are away.

We accept reservations 2 months in advance. You can call us or click on the link above to make a reservation. We do not require a credit card to hold a reservation and do not have a cancellation charge. Because of this, we do ask that you notify ASAP if you have a change in plans.

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Paperwork Requirements

Prior to your first visit to Camp Canine, the Pet Profile and Special Instruction Sheet should be completed. You can download these documents and fill them out now to save time when you check your dog in.

Written proof of the following vaccines is also required:
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella* (Kennel Cough)
    Bordetella is required a minimum of 7-10 days prior to their visit if they are receiving the vaccine for the very first time.
  • Canine Influenza



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Our campsites are indoor only. Each area has a rest bench so your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the floor! Our campsite sizes vary depending on the size of the dog. They range from 12 to 18 square feet. For large, multiple dog families we also provide 48 square foot kennels.
Dogs participating in daycare program utilize their campsites only for eating and sleeping!

We keep the radio on 100.5 for the dogs to enjoy relaxing music while they are in their campsite.

The reason we decided to use private campsites for our boarders versus a 'cage free' environment is because dogs that spend 24 hours a day interacting with other dogs spend a tremendous amount of time in an aroused state.

Even the "happy arousal" that results from good, clean, play can take an emotional and physical toll on a dog over time. For most dogs, as their level of tiredness increases, their tolerance decreases, making them more prone to scuffles or even full-blown fights with other dogs.

This ongoing emotional and physical stress frequently manifests as loose stools, extreme physical exhaustion, and a variety of behavior problems. We like to give our dogs a chance to unwind and get a good nights sleep at the end of a long day at play in their own area with their own personal belongings.

Pricing / Additional Services (TAX INCLUDED)

Lodging prices increased effective 1/1/17   As a reminder although we may be here, our office hours will be strickly enforced.  You will NOT be able to drop off or pick up outside of the exisiting hours office hours.

There are 3 types of Lodging programs each are $35 a night:

With Daycare:  in daycare all day M-F and on the weekends 2 seperate play sessions (2+ hours each)

Limited Daycare:  2 options        

 1.  Plays in daycare M-F with 1 break mid-day (weekends are the same as the with daycare option listed above).

  2.  Plays in daycare M-F but has 2 breaks throughout the day (weekends are the same as the with daycare option listed above).

NO Daycare*:  no contact with other dogs.  Three breaks outside of the campsite M-F and 2 on the weekends.                                                                   

*The NO Daycare option will include a cuddle session for each night paid.

Mutiple dog pricing :  Includes the same breaks outside of their campsites as listed above.  But instead of a cuddle session it will include a play session for each night paid. 

2 dogs stay together $58 a night for both 

 3 dogs stay together $80 a night for all 3      

 4 dogs stay together $96 a night for all 4


Additional Services

Nail trim        $7.00     Baths  - see pricing under bath section               Grooming  

Additional Bathroom break / Email from dog /Kong/  Cuddle Session        $4.00 each

Walk or Play Session            $8.00

Treadmill:  20 min $15      30 min $20                                            



*If your dog stays with us for 7 nights or more, you are entitled to a free bath (does not include nail trim or ear cleaning – both are available upon request for an additional fee).


Breed: Lab mix
Proud Owner: Robin Chiasson


Breed: Lab mix
Proud Owner: Robin Chiasson