Daycare FAQs

What are the benefits of Dog Daycare?

You no longer have to come home midday to give your dog a bathroom break. Your dog will receive physical and mental stimulation throughout the day so they come home tired! We reinforce appropriate behaviors while your dog is in our facility. Your dog will develop good social skills.

Are the dogs left alone when playing?

The dogs are constantly supervised (by fully trained counselors) while playing. Inappropriate play is stopped and good behavior is rewarded. We keep dogs safe, clean and well cared for.

Where does my dog go to the bathroom?

They are expected to go in the daycare area. Whenever they do go, it is cleaned immediately.

What about dog fights?

The key is prevention. We do not accept aggressive dogs. Our acceptance process screens for aggression. If an accepted dog exhibits unacceptable behavior, the dog is given a time out and the owner will be informed of the concern. We will then work with the owner to resolve the problem or the dog will be removed from the daycare.

What if my dog is not a fit for our daycare program?

This may happen. We strive to do what's best for all dogs. Just because your dog is not a fit for our daycare program, it does not mean you don't have a wonderful dog, it just means that dog daycare or our facility may not be a good match for him or her.

What if my dog is shy?

If your dog is shy, don't worry. All first timers go through an orientation process so they can meet all dogs one on one first. This helps them to adjust.

Do I bring toys?

Please do not bring toys for your dog to play with in daycare.

What about a collar and leash?

All dogs must be on a secure collar and leash to enter/exit the building. Please do not let your dog greet any other dogs or people other than a Camp Canine counselor while you have them on leash. We will take off leashes and collars/harnesses once your dog is in a secured area. Dogs do not play with their collars on because of the serious injury that can occur during play. We may put a temporary collar on your dog for identification purposes. Please make sure you remove flea collars before bringing your dog.

What about naptime?

Dogs play all day. If they are still here at 5, they will go into a crate in our nap room to await pick up so we can sanitize the daycare area. We can provide additional breaks upon request or if recommended.

Can my dog get hurt?

Although the dog's play is monitored, play can result in scratches, minor nicks, bumps/bruises, or a possible bite wound. Other possible injuries might occur to joints, ligaments, tendons etc.

What if my dog gets injured or becomes sick?

If this occurs, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. All other issues will be mentioned when you pick up your dog. Any medical and transportation costs will be assumed by YOU.


We are an all-inclusive lodging facility with a climate controlled environment. We feature private indoor cabins to allow your pet to have their own food, bedding, toys and special treats.


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Supervised cage free play with no mid-day naps. We use canine enrichment activities to ensure your dog is both mentally and physically stimulated while at play.


Dog Grooming

Get your pet looking their best with our professional grooming services. Baths, trims, teeth cleaning, deshedding and more.



Learn how to work with your dog. Our 6 week courses provide basic obedience training. We also offer one-on-one consultations.


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