Learn how to work with your dog. Our 6 week courses provide basic obedience training.
We also offer one-on-one consultations.

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We believe that every interaction with your dog is a learning opportunity. A successful relationship with your dog is based on trust and mutual understanding. With these opportunities in mind, we have designed a training program that works for you, your dog and your lifestyle. We look to achieve this goal through motivational and results orientated training. We provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to effectively communicate with your dog. Our continued education and years of experience allow us to bring you the most progressive training. We are committed to providing you and your dog with techniques needed to deal with everyday and specialized issues for both puppies and adult dogs through a variety of classes and private sessions.

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Paperwork Requirements & Policies

Prior to attending your first class at Camp Canine, the Pet Profile should be completed. You can download this document and fill it out now to save time when you attend class.

Written proof of the following vaccines is required:
Bordetella (Canine Cough) is recommended but not required.

Both the Pet Profile form, a copy of your vaccines and your payment will be required when you come in for your first class. (If your class is Puppy Kindergarten or Middle School II, you will NOT bring your dog to the first class.)

We do require a $20 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to sign you up for a class.  (The remaining balance will be due when you arrive for your first class.)  If you withdraw from a class there are NO REFUNDS. (However, if there are health reasons that cause you or your dog to withdraw, we will transfer you to another class.) Transfers must be used within two months of the date of withdrawal and the request must be submitted in writing.

To get the most from a training class, you should attend regularly and be on time. Dogs that miss two or more classes may not graduate.

Please be considerate of other dogs and their owners and do not bring
your dog to a training class if they are displaying signs of illness.

In case of inclement weather or an emergency, we may cancel class. We will make every effort to notify you at the phone numbers you provided.

We reserve the right to remove any dog from class. Private sessions are available for dogs that are not suited for group classes.

Rough handling of dogs will not be tolerated.


We are an all-inclusive lodging facility with a climate controlled environment. We feature private indoor cabins to allow your dog to have their own food, bedding, toys and special treats.



Supervised cage free play with no mid-day naps. We use canine enrichment activities to ensure your dog is both mentally and physically stimulated while at play.



Get your pet looking their best with our professional grooming services. Baths, trims, teeth cleaning, deshedding and more.



Learn how to work with your dog. Our 6 week courses provide basic obedience training. We also offer one-on-one consultations.


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