Training Classes

Intro to Socialization Program (1 hour)


The goal of this time is NOT to exercise your dog or provide you with training.   Our goal with this program is to educate YOU and YOUR dog.  The Daycare Manager will provide a safe environment for socialization and/or be able to determine if your dog ready to join our daycare program.

New Sign up required for each week. 8-10 dog maximum.  Your dog needs to be current on Rabies (if over 12 weeks of age), started their Distemper series and had the Bordetella vaccine (the Bordetella vaccine needs to be in their system for at least 7 days before coming to class if given for the first time).

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Our Kindergarten class is an exciting program designed to get you and your dog off to a good start. This is a fun & information packed class that will help your dog become well-balanced, healthy, and socialized. We do cover some behaviors such as housebreaking, chewing, mouthing, jumping, barking, crate training, grooming, diet, and appropriate play/exercise. Your dog will be introduced to practical obedience skills such as come, sit, down, watch & leave it.

The first class is a lecture class for owners only (no dogs), you will bring your dog to the remaining 5 classes. Classes meet once a week for 6 weeks and last 1 hour. 8 dog maximum.

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For dogs that have completed Kindergarten. This class will test the skills acquired in Kindergarten. Through the use of positive reinforcement you will begin “proofing” practical obedience cues including sit, down, stay, come, heel, as well as leave it, and quiet. The goal is to have the dogs perform the cues willingly every time, regardless of distractions. Common behavior problems are also discussed.

Dogs do attend the first class. Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks and last 1 hour. 8 dog maximum.

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Middle School


For dogs who have a good grasp on basic obedience skills. Instructor and class deteremine best course of action to challenge their dogs to a higher level of obedience.  Offering more challenging situations for the basic cues including sit, down, stay, come, heel, as well as leave it, and quiet. This could include working off campus to further challenge your dogs, performing fun agility obstacles or working with your dogs on a long lead.  The goal is to further challenge and proof your commands.  Common behavior problems are also discussed.

Dogs attend the first class.  Classes meet once a week for 6 weeks and last 1 hour. 8 dog maximum.

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Tutoring (Personalized One-on-One Sessions)

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Need a little extra help getting your dog or puppy started off on the right foot? Perhaps you're puzzled or concerned because your dog or puppy has developed a behavioral issue? Our well qualified and educated behaviorists can help. Tutoring can be done in your home or at our facility by appointment. Please don't hesitate, many dogs can be rehabilitated through education, proper guidance and understanding.

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